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Ribtect Chest Protector

The Original Ribtect Chest Protector

Retails at $129
SFI Approved Spec 20.1
WKA and IKF Approved
Many slide tests performed at the Delphi facility (see video and results below)
Chest protector comes in two sizes, size SM1 (ages 5-8) and SM2 (ages 9-12).
Chest protector can be worn alone OR with any brand of rib protector
Designed for maximum protection and comfort
Lightweight - Non Bulky
Two layers of vacuum formed polypropylene plastic
Strong, heavy duty buckles
Protectors come with a variety of Ribtect decals
Patent #D532,938S
Ribtect Chest Protector
SFI Specifications
Chest Protector Photos
The Ribtect Chest Protector is primarily designed to help further protect young drivers and riders in motor sports venues such as, go kart racing and motocross events. Although, feedback from our customers tells us that it is well suited for many other children's sports related activities such as; ATV, BMX, snowmobile, paint ball, little league and pee wee baseball.
After repeatedly hearing about injuries to young drivers due to impact to the chest area, we decided to go to the drawing boards. We have developed a kid's chest protector using two layers of vacuum formed polypropylene plastic and sewn together with a Cordura liner. This product has been tested extensively by the SFI at the Delphi facility. With the results of the testing, we are confident that this product will reduce the level of injury in the sport of kart racing, motorcycle racing ATV racing, snowmobiling and other high performance motor sports activities.
This child safety product is a "stand alone" chest protective device - It can be worn by itself or with any brand of rib protector or safety vest. The chest protector will go on first, then the vest, then the driving suit.
The following videos were recorded at the Delphi Testing Facility and provide a visual understanding how the chest protector works to protect you!
Without Chest Protector With Chest Protector
Test Video Without Chest Protector Test Video With Chest Protector
Tests were performed by Delphi Testing Facility for exact measurements and specifications. These provide a complete explanation of how these tests prove the Ribtect Chest Protector increases the safety and well being of the driver.
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