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"When I first contacted Robbie about a vest, I was immediately helped with acquiring the proper size, which turned out to be a perfect fit! The Ribtech 3 has always performed it's function well, leaving me without sore ribs at the end of the karting day. But just this last weekend, the vest outperformed even the highest of standards!

Thanks so much to Robbie Mott as well as the entire staff at Ribtech for creating a product that is so highly reliable, comfortable and safe. I have just returned home from running of the RoboPong 200 and have found that my Ribtech 3 vest undoubtedly saved me from personal injury as well as a DNF. Toward the end of the race about 150 miles into it, the right side seat struts broke pushing the mounting bolts through the seat and into my vest. The bolt heads completely punctured my suit, wearing away two holes about the size of half dollars. Inspection of the Ribtech vest showed a great deal of wear and distortion on the side panel of the vest, but no indications of the problem were found on me personally. The vest performed flawlessly in conditions far exceeding it's original intent. Thanks to the vest, I am home, pain free and was able to successfully complete the 200! Thanks Ribtech Great Product!"
"I want to thank Robby Mott and the entire Ribtect organization for their ongoing efforts to increase Kart Racer safety and comfort. Although I was racing with badly bruised ribs from our team's previous race (just two weeks prior) I was able to run the entire day, in our most recent race, 100% pain free. I attribute this fact wholly to my wearing of the new Ribtect 2T Rib Protection Vest. Although a bit hesitant as I entered the first corners during practice, at Miller Motorsports Park, due to my still aching ribs... I immediately gained the confidence to run without fear of additional injury or pain. In all of my years of racing, in a variety of different series and styles, I have never come across a product that produced such an immediate and clearly noticeable difference from the products that I had previously used. Many companies tout their new products as being the "next great thing" when promoting these products. Ribtect can make this statement with the full knowledge that it is not hype... but is the pure and simple truth. Thank you to all at Ribtect for creating the next step in racer comfort and safety. Thank you, as well, for allowing me to finally enjoy a pain free racing experience!"
"When I bought my new Arrow Kart they talked me into trying a competitor's seat instead of taking my old Ribtect seat out of my old kart. I broke a rib in a racing incident in January. Tried racing in April and had to quit after one practice session. Called you and ordered a stiff large seat with your new rib protector. Raced in April at Pats Acres, one of our most physically demanding tracks, and had no pain what so ever. Pain was not even a thought. Thanks for making a great seat and rib protector."
"Just wanted to let you know I installed one of your seats in my 2003 Kosmic 125 shifter and I no longer have to use Body Armor. Not only do I not have pain, I don't even have discomfort at all anymore. Thanks for a great product!"
"Ribtect is the most comfortable and most protective rib protector on the market. It keeps the driver's ribs pain free and the driver happy. The Ribtect seat and vest have helped me to get two more Duffies this year in Santa Maria."
"Went to a race a week before last started last and ended up 5th, just didn't have enough time to finish better. But last weekend at Norway, Illinois, I took first place, [just blueprinted my engine] my first win. I cut the seat wrap around " on both sides which feels real good. I want to thank you very much for you support."
"Why Ribtect? After trying many other seats and rib vests, Ribtect is my only choice. Early in the 2000 season I injured my ribs with another seat and &so called rib vest& then I tried another brand and it was even worse. I thought my season was over. Then I tried a Ribtect Seat and Rib Vest, WOW! What a difference, I could actually race with no pain. Besides it's comfort, the Ribtect Seat allows my kart to flex more and helps me and the kart stay in tune with the track for better track times."
"I usually am a full second off the top SP or S1 guys but today I was within .3 of the quickest (Harrelson and Spellman). I ran the same gear (1.68) and the only change I made was I ran leaner than usual and re-locating the seat. The chicane was pretty rough compared to the rest of the track but I noticed how the seat held my torso through that section. Next month my shifter kart is going up to Greg Bell for an upgrade to his pro package. I'm confident that the addition of your seat with this new package will put me on the podium in G1. I recommend the Ribtect seat to anyone that I don't have to race against."
"Since using my Ribtect I no longer have to hold my ribs on the long drive home. Ribtect has given me a feel of security and protection from rough tracks and rough drivers. Letting me focus more on my race lines."
"I chose Ribtect over all the other brands because it offers excellent protection to my ribs. I have tried many other brands and the Ribtect is superior to them all."
"When I broke two ribs at a race and then put on a Ribtect vest, it was incredible the comfort I had. I wish I had one on before this bad experience."
"Early in the 2000 season I injured my ribs with another seat and "so called rib vest". I thought my season was over. Then I tried a Ribtect Seat and Rib Vest, WOW! What a difference, I could actually race with no pain. My Ribtect Rib Vest not only gives me the pain free protection I am looking for but it's the most comfortable vest on the market. Half the time I don't even know I'm wearing it. Thanks Robby/Ribtect for these two great products. They are a winning combination!"
"After my flip in Mosport, Canada, my ribs were bruised from the steering wheel landing on them. I was given the Ribtect to try out and from then on I didn't notice the pain anymore. The Ribtect was worth every penny because of it's strength and support."
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