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Ribtect Vest Design Theory

Here is a common scenario for the average entry-level karter. Lets use shifter kart racing as an example. A fellow racing enthusiast goes into his local kart shop to buy a shifter kart. He buys the whole package, new kart, extra wheels, kart stand, gear selection, helmet, suit, and gloves. He walks out of the store spending anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 dollars. Goes to the track the very next weekend to drive his brand new shifter kart for the first time. A very common injury is when a driver gets too close to a curb at high speed, the kart is thrown into the air, the driver comes up out of the seat and is pulled over to one side from the centrifugal force. As the kart comes down with jarring force, the top edge of the seat rips through two to three ribs, separating or breaking the ribs instantly. With a Ribtect vest, there is no way the top of the seat could get to your ribs. It would guide you back into the seat with no harm done to your body at all.

Now this driver has a serious rib injury that will take months to heal. He also has a $7,000 dollar investment that will sit in his garage until he feels up to trying it again. He is frustrated asking himself why he spent that kind of money on something so quick to injure. In the mean time, the local kart shop will make no money on consumables such as tires, oils, lubes, parts, etc. The local karting clubs will have one less entry. It affects the whole karting industry. Plus the driver has friends that would like to get involved in karting also. But because of his injury are turned away for fear they might do the same thing.
The solution is truly a Ribtect Rib Vest. Our goal is to provide the karting industry with the most effective, functional, rib protection possible. With 18 years experience in the world of karting, our love of the sport is strong. We want to help people do what they love to do with the least discomfort and the most confidence knowing they have the best protection available.

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