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RIBTECT ANNOUNCES COMPANY RESTRUCTURING — Effective immediately, Ribtect formally announces a change in its business structure. The change in business focus from retail to dealer support will have a rippling effect, moving sales closer and closer to the members of the Ribtect dealer network, yet still providing the end user with ease in purchasing and peace of mind knowing that they are just a click of a mouse or a call away from one on one personal service for their safety needs.

To better assist our dealer network, Ribtect is launching an all new, improved website that is easy to navigate, has sizing charts for both vests and seats and provides detailed information on how to reach our Ribtect dealers. For the end user, the karter, this is key as the network of dealers and distributors provides a huge cache of knowledge and the opportunity for global service in a prompt manner.

The days of duct tape and foam are gone, Ribtect is moving forward and is declaring its commitment to the karting industry. They are committed to providing their dealer network with accurate safety and product information along with top of the line safety protection intended to extend the karters years in the sport.

How does the move out of retail help the dealer? We are no longer are competing for the same dollar, and are focused on supporting our dealers. We will help them increase retail sales by removing ourselves from the retail end of our business and by combining our marketing and advertising dollar with theirs to reach a broader audience. This move allows Ribtect to focus on what they know best, safety education and safety equipment design and manufacturing. The change in business focus allows them to develop products that will extend the racing life of the karters and to focus on designing instructional material to help the Ribtect dealer with sizing, safety tips and how to's for our product line.

Ribtect is committed to providing the karting industry with the most effective, functional safety equipment possible. With 23 years experience in karting, our commitment to the sport and to the safety of its competitors is strong.

We believe the core of any racing program is the driver. You can't race if you are out of the race due to injury. Protecting the driver and their ribs and chest is key. We strive to provide the competitor confidence and comfort knowing that with the Ribtect brand, they are choosing the best protection available on the market today.

Ribtect is proud of its commitment to the industry of karting and is excited to venture forth with this new business focus and restructuring.

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