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Ribtect Vest

The Ribtect 2 — Carbon Fiber Vest

Retails at $199
Carbon Fiber formed panels help to spread the load and shock even more
Panels made to flex around the driver
Thinner design for more comfort
Custom tailored using stress-relieved polypropylene modules
Cordura™ vest with adjustable chest and shoulder straps
New improved materials and stronger buckles
Better Shock Absorbing Foam
Vests come with a variety of Ribtect decals
The Ribtect 2 Rib Protection Vest is an upgraded version of the original Ribtect Vest. The design is new and exciting and it features a formed and tooled carbon fiber panel design that is made to flex around the driver for better protection and comfort. It is made of real carbon fiber and is backed with fiberglass, not just some product that resembles carbon fiber. The horizontal slats disperse shock and energy. Additionally, the new tooled panels act as a "solid" piece to further disperse shock and energy. The panels are less than 1/8 of inch thick. The impact absorbing foam and the increased overall quality of the Ribtect 2 Vest are already creating a buzz throughout the karting industry.
All the products in the Ribtect family are designed specifically for the kart racer and their protection needs. Striving to provide karters with the best protection available while staying within their budgetary needs, the original Ribtect Vest and now the Ribtect 2 Vest offer top quality rib protection at different tiers of pricing levels. Using the new thinner impact absorbing foam along with other upgraded materials have drastically improved the overall quality of the Original Ribtect Vest and the new Ribtect 2 Vest.
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