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Ribtect Karting Seat

The Ribtect Fiberglass Seat

retails at $499
Comfortable hand crafted shape
Made from composite fiberglass
Same shape as the carbon-fiber version
Semi-shiny black finish
Shape and depth of the seat spreads the load and shock over a larger area
No shallow edge to dig into your ribs
Gives driver better feel for chassis
Lowers fatigue level
Seats come with a variety of Ribtect decals
All the same elements of the Ribtect Original Carbon-Fiber Seat hold true, with a few minor cost saving modifications. In order to offer a more cost effective seat with the same theory of comfort and shape, we have created a composite fiberglass version to help offset some of the costs of carbon fiber.
This is simply a more "economical" seat for the drivers looking for the support and comfort our seat offers but don't care to spend the extra money for the nice look of the carbon fiber.
This composite fiberglass version of the Ribtect seat is made from the exact same mold, with the ONLY difference is the absence of carbon fiber materials and the X pattern carbon fiber strips in the bottom of the seat.
To Prevent Rib Injury
The Ribtect Seat is designed to reduce the amount of rib injuries to karters. Thus, keeping more people involved and happy with the great sport of karting.
To Improve Performance
The Ribtect seat helps the chassis and driver to work better. Keeping the kart rolling free and providing a better launch out of the turns. Connecting more of the kart to the driver for a better feel of the chassis. Lowering the fatigue level of the driver, allowing for better concentration and improved consistency and lower lap times.
To Use The Best Materials
We designed the Ribtect Seat with the best materials possible. With a shiny black finish, the seat looks nice and is extremely durable.
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