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Mounting Your Ribtect Race Kart Seat

When mounting your race kart seat, in a brand new sprint or shifter kart chassis, please pay close attention to the mounting instructions which are generally included with the kart manufacturers specifications.

Below are a set of mounting tips that we have created to help guide you in setting up your new Ribtect seat. Enjoy, and thank you for choosing Ribtect!
Assuming your current seating position is comfortable and allowing the chassis to work properly, take a few measurements before removing the old race kart seat. Measure from the center of steering wheel to the top-middle of the seat. Measure from the top-middle of seat to the top of the axle. Measure from the lower most frontal part of the seat to the front bumper. Take note as to the height of the seat relative to the bottom of the frame rails. Now, go ahead and remove the old seat.

Set the height of the new seat by using a 1x4 piece of wood. If the bottom of the seat will be flush with the bottom of the frame rails, clamp the wood directly to the bottom of the chassis for the seat to rest on. If the seat will be mounted lower than the bottom of the frame rails, simply add spacers between the frame and the wood to lower the seat in the chassis. Add spacers to the top of the wood if the seat is to be mounted above the bottom of the frame rails.

Next, you may need to "manipulate" the seat struts to fit properly. Use a long pry bar (old axle works well) or a big hammer to bend struts. The seat should be held in by the struts but should not be squeezing it. Once the seat is in position, take note of the mounting tabs. You may need to "manipulate" them to run parallel with the surface of the seat. Using a crescent wrench, bend the tabs so that when you tighten the bolt, the seat is not pulled out of shape. This would cause a cracking sound, stressing the seat and pre binding the chassis.

Now is the time to get your measurements right. Make sure the seat is where you want it. Try to get the seat as close to the measurements of your old seat, unless you need to make a position change. Once you are satisfied with the position, stand back and take a good look at your seat. Make sure it sits square in the kart. Look at it from the front and the back.

Mark all four holes with a black marker. If a marker does not fit through the holes in the bottom, use a metal scribe or something sharp. Remove seat and drill your holes. You should be able to find the proper spacers for the bottom at this point. Remove the piece of wood and tighten the bolts.

Make sure to sit in the kart before adding your "bolt on" seat struts. Once you are satisfied with the fit, drill and mount your extra seat struts.


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