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Ribtect Karting Seat

Ribtect Seat Design Theory

Recognizing the importance of flex, the Ribtect racing seat is designed, utilizing uni-directional carbon fiber strips to connect its four mounting points to the race kart chassis. Since the uni-directional carbon is only rigid from corner to corner, it has characteristics of a leaf spring. The chassis of a go-kart flexes diagonally, the seat compliments this flex and stores the energy of the chassis as you drive into a corner, the kart takes a set, the chassis unwinds and is assisted by the energy released from the seat. Thus, providing a great launch out of the turns. Maybe only a fraction of a tenth per turn, but this could add up to a few tenths. Because of this and the flexibility of the seat, you are able to feel what the chassis is doing underneath you. Giving you the advantage of driving your kart at its limit, consistently.
The Ribtect seat was hand shaped by 23-year karting veteran Robby Mott. The first mold was made with fiberglass and hand-shaped with bondo. Hours and hours where spent on shaping the seat to better fit the human body. Because of years of bruised backs and lower spinal cord irritation, Robby designed a spine relief to help with comfort. The sides of the seat curve around a bit. This helps in a few ways. First, there is no shallow edge of the seat to dig into your ribs. Second, like the Ribtect vest, the seat will help to spread the load and the shock over a larger area. Finally, the seat will help hold you in the kart so you can use your energy to drive hard with NO PAIN.

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